Advantage BRT

Blue Rose Technologies (BRT) is one of the fastest growing Consulting, Outsourcing and IT Solutions company.

Advantage of BRT

BRT’s client-centric philosophy, commitment to service excellence and global engagement model enables its Fortune 500 clients to succeed in today’s global digital economy.
We @ BRT believe in striking the fine balance between a client centric and employee centric approach. Joining BRT gives our employees an opportunity to work in world class projects and cutting edge state of the art technologies with some the leading global giants.

BRT maintains the highest levels of professionalism and ethics and is an employee centric organization with an awesome work culture. We believe that each of our employees are the core members of our ever growing family and ensure that the highest levels of satisfactions of our employees both professional as well as personal are maintained.

BRT is an equal opportunity employer and our strict corporate policy is not to discriminate any individual on the basis of race, color, religious creed, ancestry, nationality, age, sex or sexual orientation.

Benefits (for US employees):

Direct transfer

All the salaries of BRT employees are directly transferred to their account monthly. You also have an option of choosing bi-weekly transfer.

Medical and Insurance

BRT provides Insurance to all our employees from some of the reputed carriers in the US. There is also an additional option of vision and dental coverage. Optionally you can also extend the coverage to your spouse and children provided you satisfy certain criteria.


All the employees of BRT are covered under the 401k savings plan.

Paid leaves and vacations

AT BRT we believe in the human side of work and believe that all work and no holiday makes “Jack” a dull person. We provide our employees with paid annual leaves for dedicating time for self and spending time with their families.

Education Assistance

You could not complete your higher education earlier due to liabilities or you are longing to complete that one certification to enhance your skills but cannot due to lack of funds. Don’t worry, BRT is there to lend a helping hand for the deserving and we will provide you with Education assistance. Please get in touch with your BRT HR personnel for further details and eligibility critera.

Training Servers Access

Joining BRT you will get access to our state of the art training servers through which you can access whitepapers and other documents on some of the latest technologies to enhance your skills. Also upon the need of the hour you will also be provided training through certified trainer to help upgrade your skills. Please get in touch with your BRT recruiter after joining for further details and eligibility criteria regarding this.

Visa Sponsorship

For those who are looking for visa sponsorship , BRT sponsors H1B, TN Visa as well as Green Card provided you adhere to certain mandatory federal regulations and compliances. For those looking for an H1B transfer from your current employer please get in touch with us to know the process and assess your eligibility. Please get in touch with a BRT recruiter for further details and assess your eligibility.

Rewards and Recognitions

At BRT, we believe that talent and efforts need to be recognized and rewarded suitably. We have various rewards and recognition programs which identify the exceptional performance of our employees at the workplace and motivate them to perform better

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