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Blue Rose is a registered Global Business Partner with Pega and Appian, we provide Pega/Appian/RPA implementation, upgrade, migration and support & maintenance services to our customers right from inception to transition phases.

Our experienced Pega, BPM and RPA team are highly skilled in niche area like Pega Decisioning, Marketing, Predictive Modeling, AI, ML and Open Span. Our teams are delivering the most complex implementations for clients in USA, Europe, India and APAC.

We have expertise to migrate from legacy to new technologies smoothly without interrupting operations and business. As a result, life cycle of functionality-rich existing systems is extended with new or improved functionality.

Application Development

BPM is enabling useful and engaging apps focused on business processes and decisions, and as such, it is becoming an increasingly important part of the developers toolkit in the quest to build modern apps.

We offer BPM Automation, BPM Architecture Implementation using our Industry leading experts. We offer our BPM expertise to translate strategic business initiatives into successful Pega delivery.

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Consulting services

BPM is now being used to create new applications that engage with and bring value to their customers, as opposed to primarily automation back-office workflows.

We have today best BPM Expert team in India. Our teams are leading delivery of some of the most complex projects on latest Pega/Appian technologies for our clients.

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Application Maintenance and Support

Having a BPM solution in place is crucial for a modern app development program, as well as streamlining workflows and automating business processes. Incorporate both BPM and RPA into your company strategy, and watch your business grow like no other.

According to research and advisory firm Gartner, organizations spend almost 70-80 percent of their IT budgets on maintenance. BlueRose BPM team provides maintenance and support services with focus on reducing support cost by automation, bringing efficiencies to business processes. This reduces operating costs to drive self-funded IT transformation initiatives.

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We provide specialized services to Upgrade on latest version of BPM products. This helps business to utilize benefits of latest technology. They are able to respond more quickly and effectively to new market opportunities, increase operational efficiencies, and gain exceptional business agility with faster, more cost-effective application development.

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Many businesses these days are stuck with complex business processes and legacy business systems that can create issues in the path of innovation. For these businesses, combining RPA and BPM can generate impressive results to build modern business applications while avoiding time-consuming and costly integration projects.

We have expertise to migrate from Legacy to new Technologies smoothly without interrupting operations. As a result, life cycle of functionality-rich existing systems is extended with new or improved functionality.

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We are providing services and solutions to the most complex projects for our clients who are global leaders in their respective industry segments


Specialty Insurance, Underwriting, Claim processing, Policy document Generation


Order processing, Billing, Customer Service, Decisions

Health Care

Underwriting, claim processing

Evaluation and Certification Platform

Evaluation and Certification Platform provides a complete evaluation and certification system. This requires zero coding and can be configured to sart using by any organization from day1.Being hosted on Cloud and using Appian BPM, this is web based system that can be used from any laptop/smart phone or iPad using any web browser and any operating system.
The application is divided into two major modules:

  • Create Question Bank
  • Setup test/certification
  • Administer and Take test/certification

The Evaluation and Certification Platform allows exam administrators to easily view results, history, and performance drill-downs for test and certification takers.

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