Embedded System

Blue Rose has built a Embedded and Networking Centre of Excellence (ENC) for product development for the communications and cable industry.

ENC is lead by industry veterans

With world class global product development experience working in companies like Cisco, Motorola, Juniper, and Lucent among others. The team has members with patents under their belt on various technologies. Blue Rose’s ENC leadership team has strong proven experience in Project Management, Architecture and on time quality product delivery. Majority of our leadership has spent more than a decade in USA delivering world class products. Our team’s unique expertise allows us to apply our vast knowledge base to solve complex problem and also adapt to new technologies without much of an effort.

Companies have to keep on developing high-quality products, release new features ahead of the competition, adapt new technologies and address ever increasing customer requirements. With deep industry expertise, local presence, deep understanding of various technologies, and unique product development methodology, Blue Rose is uniquely equipped to help clients introduce innovative product engineering processes and develop product features that exceed the market expectation and deliver value to their customers.

Areas of Expertise & Domain Knowledge

Blue Rose expertise in the Communication and cable space covers full spectrum across the SDLC. Blue Rose offers services in following areas:

  • Product Design and Development
  • Chip Design & Verification
  • Security: SSL, PKI, SSL Acceleration
  • Wi-Fi Device Driver, Embedded Wireless, Device Networking
  • OS: Operating Systems : Linux, RTOS, embedded Linux, VxWorks, Greenhills Integrity
  • BSP, Kernel, Drivers, and System Software
  • NPUs(frescale, cavium, Broadcom fabric/ASICs, Intel, Cisco fabric/ASICs)
  • High Availability, Fault tolerance
  • Agent, EMS
  • Application Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Testing and Test Automation
  • Maintenance and Support

Blue Rose has expertise in following domains

  • Wireless
  • CPE: Wi-Fi, AP, Femto, Mobile, WLAN
  • Access: LTE eNodeB, Femto Gateway, Base Station, Controllers, Gateways
  • Cable Modem, CMTS
  • Ethernet, IP Switching and Routing, Metro Ethernet
  • L2/L3 , L4-L7 specific products
  • DPI, Network Processors
  • Convergence
  • VOIP, Set top boxes, IPTV, IMS
  • Internet and E-commerce

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