October 22, 2018 our-blog 0 Comment

Nature is not a place to visit, it is home…

When there is any celebration in the family, there is a gift, either you will be getting or giving. For the family it is not difficult to think about their interest but, have you ever thought of giving a gift to your colleague? Any idea what it would be?

Yes, we are talking about those people who are working with you every single day, you haven’t realized but you are spending a vast part of your life with your colleagues. You debate with them, get ideas from them and also get the competitive spirit with them on various project and technologies.

What can you gift them? Something that makes them remember you while working, something that makes them feel good working with you, something pretty but professional, something that shows your professional relationship with them, something that they can symbolize a growing career.

When it comes to gifting our colleague, we come up with the idea of a coffee mug, pen, pen stand or watch.“Why can’t we just add little green in our thoughts as well as gifts?” this was the first thought that we got when “Bluerose Technologies” gifted us a small, pretty desk plant in the celebration.

Seeing a plant on every desk, comparing with others that whose plant is better or trying to find out the name of the plant and sharing our plan for our plants was fun, like we got a plant for the first time. Yes, that’s what a small plant can do on your working desk. It will make you look at how others are taking care of their plants same as your work and you will be smiling by looking at your plant’s growth.

Small responsibility but it will make you smile. Coming to the office every day and doing our job is normal for each person who is working, but starting your day by giving water to a plant and having a belief that it will grow, is the best starting off your work. Seeing a plant growing on your desk is like looking at the development of your project step by step, leaf by leaf. It is good to take a look at nature before starting your day which will make your face smile because you also know that this small plant is your responsibility and you are going to fulfill your duty every day same as your task.

Off course nature is something that makes you feel better every time when you look at it so when your project will be live, you will find your small plant will become grown one…