The Advanced Knowledge Integration Tool (AKIT) is designed to transform the way businesses ingest and process content. By utilizing advanced chunking methods, AKIT ensures precise extraction and seamless integration of knowledge into your AI systems. Ideal for organizations aiming to optimize their AI capabilities. With AKIT, achieve superior efficiency, intelligent processing, and accurate, reliable outcomes, significantly reducing the risk of hallucinations and enhancing overall productivity. You can use it to scrape your company URLs related to blogs, articles, FAQs etc. Or just provide your articles/blog information in text as is, we will use our proprietary technique to intelligently chunk your information’s and ingest it to Pega knowledge buddy. We also provide steps to test your processed chunks to be tested i.e. to be processed before and after ingestion.

Business Problem

Many organizations struggle with effectively managing and utilizing their vast amounts of data. This data often exists in unstructured formats, making it challenging to extract meaningful insights and leverage it for decision-making. Additionally, ensuring data security and access control while maximizing the utility of the data poses further complexities. 


Our solution addresses these challenges by offering advanced AI Data Chunking services powered by cutting-edge AI techniques and the Langchain framework. We employ various chunking strategies, including simple recursive text splitter, recursive text splitter with BeautifulSoup, semantic chunking, markdown splitter, and more. These techniques allow us to divide the text into smaller, more manageable chunks, enabling AI systems like Pega Knowledge Buddy to better understand and classify the content accurately. 

Once the data is chunked, we seamlessly integrate with Pega Knowledge Buddy for ingestion using its API. This integration ensures that the AI chunked data is efficiently ingested into the Knowledge Buddy system, where it becomes readily accessible for analysis and retrieval. 


  1. Enhanced Data Utilization: By chunking data into smaller segments, organizations can better leverage their data assets for insights, decision-making, and knowledge management. This leads to improved operational efficiency and strategic decision-making.
  1. Improved Data Security: Our solution ensures that sensitive information is securely managed through role-based access control of knowledge buddy. Only authorized users with aligned roles can access secured chunks of text, enhancing data security and compliance.
  1. Streamlined Knowledge Management: By integrating with Pega Knowledge Buddy, our solution streamlines the process of ingesting and managing chunked data. This enables organizations to build a comprehensive knowledge repository that facilitates faster and more accurate responses to user queries.
  1. Expert Guidance and Support: Our team of chunking experts provides comprehensive support throughout the setup and implementation process. We not only assist with integrating our chunking services with Pega Knowledge Buddy but also ensure that the data ingestion process is seamless and efficient.
  1. Competitive Advantage: By partnering with Bluerose technologies specialized partner of Pega, organizations gain access to advanced knowledge ingestion techniques and expertise that differentiate their data management capabilities. This positions them as leaders in effectively harnessing the power of their data assets.

Overall, our solution empowers organizations to unlock the full potential of their data while ensuring security, accessibility, and actionable insights through efficient chunking and integration with Pega Knowledge Buddy.