Pega develops software for customer relationship management (CRM), digital process automation (DPA), and business process management (BPM) with specific solutions for the financial services, insurance, government, and utility industries. What makes Pega unique is that it allows you to visually build highly complex business solutions without coding. If you’ve driven a car, used a credit card, submitted a claim, or performed countless other everyday tasks, you’ve likely interacted with Pega.

BRT is a strong value-driven partner in the Pega framework & ecosystem. BRT has a large and experienced Pega consulting practice globally. We are a Pega partner that combines the power of Pega’s DPA platform for customer engagement and operational excellence with our own strategy and delivery expertise to create industry-leading solutions that set you apart from the competition. At BRT, we deploy Pega solutions for our clients that span telecom, financial services, banking, insurance, healthcare, travel and transportation, manufacturing,  and retail industries. BRT`s Pega projects are driven by a certified consultant team with deep domain expertise. Our dedicated team of experts enables fast time-to-value and helps our clients realize the benefits of investing in Pega quickly.

Our niche expertise in PRPC (the core component of Pegasystems’s “SmartBPM” suit of BPM) assists us in leveraging Pega’s unified pure-play BPM Software with a sophisticated Business Rule Engine in businesses across verticals. We help our clients in enhancing their operational efficiencies and ability to mitigate risks, while aligning them with the future growth trajectory of productivity and increasing compliances with “Agility”, by delivering them “Transformative Results” with our services.

Apart from projects and consulting we also do as a Pega-Partner.

  • Architecture Assessment

    This health check of your existing Pega application portfolio architecture evaluates the architecture to reduce maintenance and future development costs by as much as 35%.

  • You Might Need an Upgrade

    We’ll quickly and efficiently upgrade your Pega environment to the latest version. We’ll also evaluate your existing application portfolio to determine what’s needed to make it compliant with the latest version, so that it can it can be extended and enhanced on the newest platform.

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