The telecom space is witnessing huge growth with the increasing subscriber base and an equally large number of players trying to vie for the largest chunk of the customer pie by offering superior experience at the most optimized cost. In this high flux domain, it has become imperative for service providers to engage with service partners who have sound domain and technology expertise with well defined processes to improve their Operations and Business support systems (OSS/BSS) while simultaneously lowering costs.

Communication Service Providers are forced to become experts in rapid experimentation, and that implies having enormous operational dexterity. Telecoms must not only launch services quickly, they must also bill for them creatively and provision them efficiently to keep ahead. At a time when operational systems and OSS/BSS platforms are being stretched to their limits, it’s crucial that revenue leaks, fraud, customer bad debt, and interconnect billing problems don’t sink the business in the midst of the system juggling.

Carriers are dealing with competition, new service roll out, pricing pressure and rapid expansion. With Communications expertise spanning the cutting-edge developments that are determining the course of tomorrow’s marketplace, Blue Rose is equipped to help customers achieve their business goals. Blue Rose helps Carriers to optimize their business processes, supply chain, networks and systems.

Blue Rose assist the industry to face some of its most dramatic challenges.

BRT is an established player in the telecom domain with software engineering service offerings.  Global Telecom carriers have selected Bluerose as their technology partner for Professional services, COTS Implementation, Integration and 24×7 customer support. BRT’s Telecom centre of excellence (COE) focuses on the BSS and the OSS arena. BRT has provided mature solutions in Service Provisioning, Service Level Management (Service Assurance, Service Fulfillment), Billing and Rating, ERP and CRM solutions. In addition BRT has end-to-end business and technology expertise across the entire OSS/BSS stack and helps telecom carriers leverage their IT assets to gain a competitive edge.

BRT specializes in providing OSS and BSS solutions around Oracle, ConceptWave and other products and solutions.

Blue Rose has setup a Center of Excellence in OSS and BSS. Our focus is to provide best in class services by providing optimized, innovative and timely solutions with strong emphasis on quality and process. This center is staffed with expert consultants with average relevant experience of more than 6 years in specific Oracle and other products. Our consultants throughout their careers have implemented OSS and BSS projects throughout the world including USA, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and Middle East.

Blue Rose is a strong and proven partner to telecommunications service providers as they endeavour to adapt to the ever changing industry landscape. With industry experience touching a wide range of service offering, process and system, Blue Rose offers services with a wide range of expertise to help Carriers work towards delivering world class solutions in today’s hyper-competitive environment.

As Carriers have pursued content expansion and customers have entered in droves, the systems, processes and facilities have expanded. As each new marketing concept grows into another interesting service offering, billing issues, provisioning issues, revenue assurance issues as well as massive network and infrastructure issues have arisen at every carrier. Blue Rose helps Carriers react fast to the market by rapidly launching innovative services and business models.

The traditional Customer is vanishing and new customer experience is required. Blue Rose helps Carriers to focus on client satisfaction by building world class customer satisfaction and its own brand

Our Offering

BRT’s OSS/BSS offerings are applicable across B2C, B2B, Wholesale, Mobile, Fixed, Cable, Satellite, and Content.

System Integrations

  • Implementation
  • Data Migrations
  • Applications upgrade
  • On-prem to cloud migrations
  • Operations and Application Support
  • Managed Service


  • Customer Experience
  • Products and Offer
  • IT transformations
  • Blockchain
  • Cloudifications

Network Modernization

  • Virtualization
  • Orchestration
  • Optimization

Data & Analytics

  • Business Analytics
  • Network Analytics
  • Digital Assurance


  • COTS identifications and checks
  • Process Engineering
  • System functional and performance audits

Service Fulfillment

Launching services with Hassle free and transparent Service Fulfilment view is still a distant reality for many operators due to the multitude of systems involved in the order journey, fragile integrations and the number of disjoint teams involved in the design and build process.

BlueRose has rich experience and expertise in delivering solutions covering the entire service fulfilment landscape using a mix of best-in-breed COTS products and open source software. The pre-integrated solution packs built by Our Global Competency Centre, custom made for the industry as well as the implementation size come in multiple forms that can be handpicked to deliver the perfect solution for any situation. These solution packs have been battle tested and facilitate swift and smooth executions translating into low risk projects effecting lower TCO and quicker time to market.

We also perform process audit on existing implementations from business and technological viewpoints and help identify the bottlenecks as well as the gaps in the process and offer suggestions as well as implement them. We can help service providers with incorporating DevOps practices and automation processes to streamline and improve their delivery cadence.

Our flagship end-to-end BSS/OSS solution, BRT 360 offers a comprehensive service fulfilment solution aided by the complete lifecycle management of the key entices such as catalogue, inventory, service, customer and order. With rich integration capabilities and modular architecture, the individual modules can be easily interchanged based on the scale of the implementation.

Service Assurance

Service Assurance is not just “keeping the lights on”. Enhanced customer experience and improved operational efficiencies are critical to stay ahead in the competition. Backed by our deep expertise in the telecommunications domain and implementations in several parts of the world, BlueRose thoroughly understands the importance of Service Assurance to the service providers to manage and optimize their network resources. Our team of OSS experts has vast experience in implementing and managing service assurance solutions from leading software vendors in the following areas:

  • Service Management

  • Fault and service impact management

  • Service, Network and Resource performance management

  • Security Management

  • Automation and orchestration of standard operational procedures

With the new trends like Software defined networks (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) transforming the network management, offering greater network flexibility, BlueRose can help CSPs to catch up with these advances through its solutions, helping them to lower their CAPEX and OPEX through an optimum solution.

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