Overview – Agile Transformation

Most enterprises are stuck in old ways of operating, and that can negatively affect a company’s speed and adaptability to change. To be competitive in the digital age, businesses need to achieve agility at scale.
The importance of time, quality, and cost reduction cannot be emphasized enough in today’s IT world. The extremely fast-paced IT world necessitates quick requirements planning and definition, outcome-driven delivery strategies, delivery itself to be uninterrupted and continuous, and at the same time very adaptable and flexible to change – change imposed from the business end as well as those imposed from the technology front.
Agile methodology has helped IT teams world over achieve this, and has helped close the gap between the team of business users, developers, and testers in a single camp, while imbibing a culture that is low on management and highly geared towards execution. Transformations require organizational and cultural change, not just an understanding of a new methodology.

Agile Transformation
Agile Transformation

Our offering

Transformations require organizational and cultural change, not just an understanding of a new methodology. BRT has an established and proven approach to facilitating Agile transformations.
A leader in agile transformation, BRT agile consultants bring decades of experience to your projects. BRT Agile Transformation Services help businesses face increasing competition and the threat of market disruption fueled by advances of the digital age.

Our Agile Transformation service encompasses the following steps:
– Agile readiness review and Assessments to understand the current situation
– Establishing a shared vision for the future and creating a roadmap to get there
– Engaging with all stakeholders to set expectations and address concerns
– Transformation planning and preparation
– Transformation kick-off with consulting, facilitation, and embedded coaching
– Team Level coaching and mentoring
– Program and Portfolio Level coaching and mentoring
– Measuring progress with meaningful metrics and adapting as necessary

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