BPM Benefits, is your Centre of Excellence, still excellent?

Interestingly for the past month, we have been dealing with businesses who are coming to us because they are unhappy with their current multi-vendor setup in BPM technology and do not quite see how to clean up this entangled mess. Surprisingly, our customers also tell us that they have a BPM CoE and want to get BPM benefits.

Now when this problem statement comes, we wonder how excellent then is the Centre of Excellence?

The CoE has to keep the entire enterprise platform, architecture, and applications in good shape so that the businesses take the benefit of the technology, isn’t it? If that doesn’t happen, then how good are the CoEs.

Are your architects building reusable UI components or reusable business components? Which one defines a more matured CoE? Have you been tracking the reusability score of these components?

Are all your vendors following one established release process?

Are all your applications living up to a standard agreed score of quality?

Does every vendor adhere to one performance metrics report and provide you with data on time?

The list doesn’t end here…we at BlueRose believe in the 12 Basic Blocks Model to build sustain and continuously improve a CoE.

Come talk to us to know more and allow us to partner with you to build/support or enhance your BPM CoE for BPM Benefits.

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