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Experience the power of cloud-native applications with BRT Consulting. Our cloud application development services prioritize collaborative creation and execution, underpinned by reference architectures, accelerators, and industry-specific solutions.

Cloud Adoption

BRT specializes in Enterprise Architecture and helps businesses in migrating their infrastructure and application to the Cloud with minimal downtime.

  • Lift-and-Shift migrations

  • Designing of Hybrid/Multi Cloud Architecture

  • Database / Application migrations with minimal downtime

  • Integrations with other on-prem and cloud applications

  • DR/Backups and Archival


Assess Cost
Assess Architecture
Assess Security

Proof of Concept

Build a pilot
Build support within organization

Data Migration

Leverage different storage options

Application Migration

Forklift migration
Hybrid migration strategy

Leverage the Cloud

Auto scaling
High Availability



Cloud Native

Cloud-native applications offer expedited time-to-market, increased scalability, streamlined management, and cost reduction through containerization, microservices, automation, and the adoption of DevOps principles. BRT Consulting’s cloud application development services focus on collaborative creation and execution, supported by reference architectures, tools, accelerators, virtual delivery models, and industry-specific solutions. This approach enables you to adopt and scale development and innovation across your enterprise in multicloud environments.

  • An intelligent data fabric
  • Flexibility to deploy any AI model
  • Streamlined ModelOps lifecycle
  • Reliable and transparent AI


Meeting the market’s pace for software and services demands rapid iteration and experimentation from teams. They need to deploy new versions frequently, guided by feedback and data. The most successful cloud development teams embrace a modern DevSecOps culture and practices, adopt cloud-native architectures, and curate toolchains from top-tier tools to maximize their productivity. Utilizing continuous integration, delivery, and deployment, along with compliance and monitoring, enterprises like yours can seize market opportunities, achieve seamless deployment, scale efficiently, enhance consistency, release frequently, and minimize costs.

Machine Learning

Machine learning offers numerous advantages that businesses can harness for enhanced efficiencies. Among these benefits is the ability of machine learning to detect patterns and trends within vast datasets that may go unnoticed by humans. Several machine learning algorithms are frequently employed, including: Neural networks, Linear regression, Logistic regression, Decision trees, Clustering, Random forests, and Transformers.

Choosing the right platform can pose a significant challenge, as an ill-fitting system may inflate costs or restrict access to other valuable tools or technologies. When evaluating various vendors to choose an AI platform, there’s often a temptation to equate more features with a superior system.

Utilize BRT AI Consulting Services and AI Solutions to train, validate, fine-tune, and deploy generative AI, foundational models, and machine learning capabilities.

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Machine Learning

Oracle CX Suite

Whatever sector you operate in, Oracle’s CX solutions are pre-provisioned with data models, processes, policies, user interfaces and analytics designed specifically your industry, making it easier to elevate your CX above the competition..

Oracle Customer Experience – Complete Solution

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