Data Migration process

Data Migration

Whether it is Data Migration Process from traditional sources, Web logs (unstructured data), and data Warehouses to the Hadoop cluster by using NoSQL Databases, BRT Data Migration Services (DMS) offers the agility of absorbing data of any type/scale and processing that data for different business needs.BRT’s data migration experts help enterprises successfully move their data to better navigate the digital landscape and create strategic solutions that deliver tangible business results.

Oracle BRM Upgrade

The telecommunications marketplace is going through a rapid transformation and telco operators must remain agile and responsive to achieve economies of scale. The key challenges that the Telecom Service Providers face in the telecom industry include an ability to meet data demand, monetization of new services, and cost reduction. Oracle BRM upgrade offers a complete end-to-end on-premise billing and revenue management solution for communications and media service providers that support key business operations that include invoice and bill customers, collecting payments, managing accounts receivable, and collecting general ledger data. As an Oracle Gold Partner, we have delivered multiple Oracle BRM implementations and upgrade projects for the leading global Communication Service Providers across the globe

BRM Upgrade

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