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Overview – (Master Data Management) Informatica MDM

  • International companies are often faced with uncertainty regarding the accuracy of management reports and operational transactions and are struggling to cope with high volumes of data.

  • Today businesses are restructuring their IT organization to bring the data and process automation teams together.

  • Business process management(BPM) workflow and Master data management Informatica(MDM) programs, when working hand in gloves, offer businesses a clear view of customers while also giving them the process-level innovation needed to act on this information.

  • Data management efficiency can be brought into the core business process right from level 3 of MDM, where organizations have a good intra-department data digitalization strategy in place

How BPM and MDM go together?

Business process management and master data management programs, when working in concert, offer businesses a clear view of customers while also giving them the process-level innovation needed to act on this information, reported.

According to the news source, the need for improved master data management is clear in the hospitality and gaming industry, where there is still debate over whether hotels and casinos should target low- or high-value customers.


BRT’s Master Data Management (MDM) initiative is a response to this growing need for information solutions that effectively manage large data volumes, produce accurate data, and link businesses’ and customers’ information.

BRT’s MDM offering is based on Appian platform. Appian makes it simple for designers to create processes that merge and consolidate multiple enterprise data sources to ensure data governance and quality or create process applications with expansive views of data across the enterprise.

Appian can create records from data anywhere and its low code can support data governance operational capability, that can be deployed with speed.

Appian’s agility, Accuracy, Integration capability and cost enables all of this and more.

Master Data Management (MDM)

Targeting the full lifecycle of Master Data Management services

Our portfolio of Master Data Management (MDM) solutions covers advisory, implementation and operation. Working from a business-driven perspective, we address the three distinct business challenges of MDM to provide:

  • Supply-centric MDM: reduce costs within the supply chain

  • Enterprise-centric MDM: drive organizational efficiency and consistency within your organization

  • Customer-centric MDM: increase revenues and improve customer satisfaction and interaction

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