mBOSS – OSS Mobility Platform

Blue Rose has developed a mobility platform which can enable existing OSS solutions to have mobile interface without the need to modify or rewrite those applications.

mBOSS architecture is open and is available as both source code or APIs. mBOSS provides the following:

  • Open Architecture to mobile enable existing OSS applications

  • Enterprise Grade Reporting Tools on Mobile

  • SOA based framework. RESTful web services APIs and enterprise solution

  • Covers Order Management, Service management, Task Management, Fallout management,, Activation, Orchestration, Reporting and other features

  • Customizable for any OSS

  • Available for Oracle OSS stack including Oracle Communications Order and Service Management (OSM), ASAP and Unified Inventory management (UIM) and RxDOD.

  • Cutting Edge UI framework

  • RxDOD-Reporting solutions covering operational report in, customized business reporting with abstract reports and notifications.