Agriculture and Horticulture has been considered as the backbone of the economic system of a country. The industry requires a wide range of tools and techniques for effective farming, agriculture and horticulture. SAP Solution provides a unified system that allows in actively managing all the business operations of a farming unit.


Client is a distributor of fertilizers and pesticides for farmers and requires Android & iOS mobile applications for their field staff to process farmers’ sales orders, products distributions and payment receivables.

Solution implementation

  • Mobile user interfaces are developed in SAPUI5 and converted to Android and iOS native mobile application using SAP HAT(Hybrid App Toolkit)
  • RESTful APIs are deployed on SAP Gateway server for data transfer between S4HANA and the native mobile applications.


  • Improved operations efficiency
  • Increase in sales orders and resulting in profits
  • Efficient inventory management and product distribution
  • Streamline the billing and payment process