Utilities companies today face an array of IT challenges brought forth by the rapidly changing technology and customer landscape. The Utility domain is changing dramatically. The global transition to planet-friendly fuels is accelerating.  Customers are actively choosing low-carbon lifestyles, homes, and offices. They also expect greater empowerment and a more sophisticated experience from their energy suppliers. The entry of new-age retailers and oil companies is also disrupting retail energy markets. The industry is adapting through product innovation and investments in cutting-edge energy technology including microgrids, at-scale energy storage, DER orchestration,  and more. Against this backdrop, digital and data capabilities are enabling energy and water companies to reinvent themselves and deliver superior business performance along with customer satisfaction.

BRT’s Utilities Practice is here to help navigate this change and deliver future-proof solutions that enable Utility & Energy clients to better connect with their customers, manage their customer life-cycle, and stay engaged through modern, digital channels to elevate their customer experience beyond the competition.

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