Over last three decades, Data warehouses have become backbone of decision making. With increasing proliferation of business systems, data integration and data provisioning for decision making has become an important aspect for survival of organizations. ‘Data hungry’ compliance regulations, need for real time data integration, increasing importance of unstructured data are all some of the phenomenon posing challenges to the Data warehouses implementations. At BRT we specialize in architecture, design and implementation of Data warehouses and data marts

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You can use BRT’s Data Warehousing service to transform data from different sources into useful, actionable information that helps users across various departments drive business success. For every successful BI and Analytics implementation, an efficient data warehouse design and architecture is required as a foundation. Any data warehouse project can seem overwhelming with growing data volume and inconsistent formats. Our data warehousing services ensures excellent performance of data warehousing systems and results in improved productivity and lower overhead costs.

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