Welcome to a transformative epoch where the only constant is change, and businesses find themselves at the forefront of an ever-evolving landscape.  

Pega Process Mining works with the Pega platform to empower users of all skill levels – from business users to data scientists – to truly understand where their key process optimization and automation opportunities lie. 

With Process Mining and the Pega platform, you get an easy-to-use solution for rooting out process inefficiencies and implementing optimization initiatives – all within a single, seamless solution. 

Business Challenges

  • With every change and innovation, businesses grapple with an array of challenges that demand not just attention but strategic mastery.  
  • The rapid evolution of technologies, persistent infrastructure issues, and the ever-looming spectre of cybersecurity create a challenging terrain.  
  • On top of this we have complexities of regulatory compliance, the intricate dance with the Internet of Things, and the relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction 
  • This leads every organization to evolve and navigate into a multifaceted race, requiring deft handling and precise orchestration for maintaining a surface that appears calm amid the storm. 


Pega Process Mining addresses this challenge by identifying process inefficiencies and bottlenecks, pinpointing areas for potential improvement through its intuitive Graphical User Interface. 

Process mining enables organizations to uncover bottlenecks, slow processes, and redundant steps, among other process improvement opportunities, including Root Cause Analysis. When combined with Process AI, it bridges processing gaps, allowing organizations to realize its true potential as mentioned below:

  1. Improve process efficiency: It can help improve process efficiencies, helping us identify optimization or automation opportunities by continuous monitoring and standardization. 
  2. Reduce revenue losses: It can reduce financial impact, by providing us the analysis of cost saving potential, thereby helping us avoid revenue losses. 
  3. Improved customer satisfaction: Improves customer satisfaction by reducing turn-around times and improving service delivery. 
  4. Identify additional opportunities: Innovation and Learning by helping understand organizational benchmarking and identify additional opportunities. 
  5. Eliminate bias: Reduces bias by a complete data-driven approach, the more data you have, the easier it is to identify benchmarks and outliers.  
  6. Autonomous enterprise: Move towards an autonomous enterprise by independently monitoring processes and identifying key performance indicators and metrics that can be coupled with Process AI model if required.

Process Mining Benefits

  1. Process mining offers a spectrum of benefits that extend beyond mere operational efficiency. 
    • Pega Process Mining gives you full transparency and visibility into all your processes at both the system and desktop level, with combined AI-driven process and task mining.  
    • Access built-in process maps, KPIs, and traces to analyse processes from end-to-end and detect opportunities for improvement, reduce cost of business operations, and open more investment for innovation. 
    • Pega Process Mining offers easy-to-use analyses of process inefficiencies, such as bottlenecks, reworks, and slow transitions, so you can take the guesswork out of your process improvements. 
    • Pega Process Mining lets you monitor your KPIs as your processes adapt to the improvements you make, so you can be sure you’re getting the maximum value from your process changes. 

Understand and analyse your process

Evolve your automation

Monitor and Optimize

Bluerose Technology as Subject Matter Expert 

Bluerose Technology has taken a proactive step by aligning itself with Pegasystems as a strategic partner that aims to address process management challenges head-on.  

Process mining emerges as the ultimate game-changer, seamlessly bridging data mining capabilities with the intricate dance of business processes.  

Bluerose Technology is among the few early adopters for Process Mining which allows us to deep dive into it in detail and gained hands on experience in process mining with our unique collaboration with Pegasystems. 

We fostered a two-way communication channel that transcends to continuous engagement, learning and feedback exchanges during our initial implementation exercise and setup. 

Bluerose Technology actively contributed towards product development process, providing valuable feedback to enhance process mining capabilities. 

This strategic collaboration positions Bluerose Technology not just as an implementer but as an influential partner shaping the future of process mining solutions. 

This collaborative approach positions us as more than just implementers; we are influencers actively contributing to the evolution of the product. 

“Bluerose Technology has already provided valuable feedback to the product, including enhancements such as additional touchpoints for event logging, deeper insights into processing, identifying different sources for gathering a 360-degree view of case processing, and logging mechanisms for technical users to identify incorrect configurations or issues during configuration.” 

Bluerose Technology Process Mining Service Offering 

  1. Our subject matter experts (SMEs), in collaboration with stakeholders, thoroughly comprehend business requirements, application workflows, and setup nuances. 
  2. Assume full responsibility for the setup and connectivity of the Process Mining instance. 
  3. Facilitate license agreements with clients and Pega, based on real-time data analysis. 
  4. Identify and delineate each variant of the business process journey, from initiation to conclusion. 
  5. Develop diverse Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and indicators through meticulous data analysis, engaging stakeholders for enhancement discussions. 
  6. Illuminate bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and areas ripe for improvement. 
  7. Identify enhancement opportunities for further automation. 
  8. Present varied insights garnered through comprehensive task and data mining to comprehend customer and business behaviour deeply. 
  9. Collaborate closely with stakeholders to explore diverse business/workflow enhancements leveraging Process Mining AI capabilities. 
  10. Concurrently engage with Pega to integrate new releases of process mining technology and contribute insights for product enhancement in subsequent versions, with a steadfast focus on customer and business needs. 
  11. Implement process improvement opportunities in Pega, migrate and maintain the changes. 


  1. Process mining is not merely a tool or a solution; it is a transformative approach that uncovers opportunities for improvement and mitigates risks. It offers a scalable, data-driven strategy for continuous optimization and transformation, propelling organizations towards agility and autonomy in their digital journey. In essence, process mining provides value in two clear ways- 
    1. Uncovering opportunities for process improvement. 
    1. Understanding bottlenecks and reducing risk.  

    Whenever organizations have visibility into how their business processes run in reality, it opens up new areas of opportunities to optimize and automate to reduce risks.  

    Bluerose Technology, with its deep expertise and collaborative approach, ensures that process mining becomes not just a tool in your arsenal but a strategic driver of transformative change within your organization. 

    Process mining offers a scalable, data-driven approach to support a continuous optimization and transformation strategy, addressing the organization’s challenge of being more agile and responsible in its journey to become a digital and autonomous enterprise. 


    Embrace the power of change with Bluerose Technology specialized partner for Pega – your trusted and reliable partners in navigating the ever-evolving and dynamic business landscape.  

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