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BPM Lifecycle & Analytics

  • Would you like to learn how usage analytics can make BPM lifecycle platform applications easier to use and improve performance?
  • Are you interested in data-driven continuous improvement to the applications developed on Pegasystems/Appian to increase user adoption and productivity?
  • Are you interested in data-driven improvements to optimize business processes?
  • Would you like a cross-platform business impact analysis across one or many applications to help best deploy IT resources?
  • Do you have enough details about existing applications to prioritize migration to BPM lifecycle platforms?
  • Which teams would find insights into how users interact with your BPM workflow applications valuable?

     Pyze is the answer

     BRT is partnered with Pyze as a global reseller partner.

  • Pyze is a SaaS-based platform that delivers enterprises deep Cross-Platform Low-Code Analytics and Data Intelligence for Mobile, Chat, and Web Applications to increase user productivity, adoption, and ROI of Pegasystems/Appian projects.
  • Pyze offers integrated user behavior analysis, custom business metrics, and workflow tracking to quantify the business impact of each application at a user, segment, and aggregate level.
  • Customers can realize faster application delivery times, prioritize application development and make better investment decisions for digitization projects based on business impact data.

Pyze Key Features

  • Custom Dashboards: Custom Business Metrics, Aggregated Usage Analysis, App Metrics Across Biz Lines, Offline Data Capture
  • Customizable Product Data Insights: Multi-Dimensional Data Analytics – Usage Metrics, Biz actions, Location/Device Analysis, Data Visualization Options
  • Workflow Funnel Analysis: User Level Journey, Biz Process & Workflow Measurement, Workflow Execution Time & Drop-off
  • Automated User Behaviour Analysis: Interactive – UX/UI, Workflow, Screen, Features, User productivity analysis. App/Svc Rationalization
  • User Profiles: 360 View of a User Journey Across Web/Mobile/Chat
  • Intelligent Messaging: Cross-Platform & Channel Messages to drive user adoption & behaviour, Tooltips, Training & Surveys

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