The public health crisis resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak is impacting lives and disrupting businesses. At BRT, we remain vigilant about the spread in our communities. Our goal is to maintain continuity of operations across BRT offices and client locations, while also ensuring the safety and well-being of our employees.

Through our Secure Remote access working and Collaboration, we are ensuring business continuity for our customers.

These are unprecedented times, and we wish our clients, employees, and everyone in their personal and professional universe the best of health and wellbeing.

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Overview – Secure Remote access Working and Collaboration Services

Working remotely was already the new normal. Now it’s the new imperative.

This is one of the biggest workforce paradigm shifts ever

This sudden shift creates many new questions:

  • How can you keep your employees productive, collaborative, and satisfied as they adjust to huge changes in their workplace and their world?
  • How will you provide safe access to all your apps and data, anytime, remotely?
  • How can you increase the speed and simplicity of connecting to audio/videoconferences securely?
  • How will you ensure continuity of your whole value chain, from suppliers to customers?
  • How can you transform the current upheaval into new opportunities through innovation?

This is potentially one of the biggest and quickest paradigm shifts in the history of the global workforce.

Remote access  Working

It wasn’t all that long ago that working remotely was the exception and not the rule for a lot of organizations. Today, in the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of employees are working from home. And while most of those workers have adapted quickly, some are not quite comfortable with this new normal.

Digitization is now more than ever

It doesn’t take much to know that the future of work is digital. With the exceptions of some careers such as healthcare professionals and retail clerks, we are digital beings. Remote workers expect the most current technology assets in order to do their jobs and those businesses that don’t adapt to digitization simply won’t make the turn.

Our Offering

BRT’s Work from Anywhere(BRWFX™) is a comprehensive solution that leverages industry’s best Secured Remote working and Collaboration tools and processes to meet our customers expectations by working from anywhere. These tools and processes have been part of BRT’s “Way of Working” for quite long therefore we are able to leverage it now when our team and customers need them the most. Through these tools and processes we are able to maintain high levels of optimized IT performance, business continuity, agility, flexibility and high level of team utilization.

BRT’s Secure Remote Working and Collaboration Services is able to provide a positive ROI and we are able to provide seamless services to our current customers as well as offer an  high levels of optimized IT performance and viable option to our new customers.

In essence, the Remote Working and Collaboration tools available in the market can be put into 5 categories:

1 Mimic Reality Tools that try to virtualize physical communication patterns that are (were?) typical of our everyday business life: 1–1 meetings, team meetings, stand-up meetings, trade fairs, office parties, a central office and similar

2 Digital Native Reality — Platforms that offer communication styles that are typical of the “digital world” and do not have a physical counterpart. Think of webinars, chats and collaboration platforms or live streaming platforms

3 Synchronous communication — A type of communication where the exchange of information happens without delay (in real-time), a typical example would be a Webex call with a customer

4 Asynchronous communication A type of communication where there is a significant time lag in the information exchange, a good example would be an email chain

5 Remote HR tools To sustain a remote organization in the back office a new set of HR tools is likely needed. Think of worldwide payrolls, feedback and culture without an office and finding and hiring talent

Source: Paua Ventures


Blue Rose Work From Anywhere(BRWFX™) solution recommends set of selected tools from the above mentioned tools to achieve its objective of providing seamless, efficient and productive work environment to its customers.

Our successful and unique BRWFX™ is based on following principles:

BRT’s Added Advantage through BRWFX™

Larger Talent Pool

With secured remote working and coolaborative tools, BRT provides to its customers a bigger pool of talent. No need to look for candidates living in the same country or city or willing to relocate.

Boundary less world

This is essentially the ability for organizations to work in a world where boundaries do not exist. The world is becoming just like one big city. The language you speak, the currency you transact in, and your physical location are starting to matter less and less.

Better Productivity

Studies show that working from home, on average increases productivity.  There are some studies that show that WFH led to a 13% performance increase, of which 9% was from working more minutes per shift (fewer breaks and sick days) and 4% from more calls per minute (attributed to a quieter and more convenient working environment).

Lesser lead time

Adoption of cloud based infrastructure for development and other phases of project life cycle leads to a jump start in starting any new engagement and project execution.

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