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Overview – Testing and Automation

The constant technology growth is prompting organizations not only to adopt new technologies more rapidly, but also to reconsider their approach toward testing and quality assurance for faster and more efficient go-to-market, seamless customer experience, and enhanced profitability.

Companies with in-house testing teams often compromise on application quality due to the challenges of having the right skill set, lack of continuous improvements in their approach, and speed of technology adaptation.

The importance of testing and automation has never been greater. In fact, a 2017-18 Software World Quality Report found that over 26% of companies’ total IT spending was now allocated to quality assurance and testing. That’s up 63% in only two years.

Testing and automation are crucial focus areas for businesses looking to drive business value, improve standards and maximize productivity. From the figures above, it’s clear to see many organizations have recognized this. For those that haven’t, they need help measuring the maturity of existing processes, defining the best-suited solutions, and facilitating agility to meet market volatilities. When they need it, they come to us.

Our offering

BRT’s Testing Pyramid:

  • Testing for all begins with requirements validation

  • Spend more on static testing(Prevention), you will spend less on repair(Cure)

  • Test Enough, keep an eye out if your effort and money are leaking in “Over testing”

  • Test Right – Watch out for worn-out test cases, tester, or test process

  • Automate strictly after evaluating the ROI

  • Test early, release to market faster!

  • Test Driven development benefits

BRT provides turn-key software testing services that add value to your business. With a multi-dimensional testing Center of Excellence, BRT has the perfect blend of expertise and domain knowledge to offer the best-of-breed testing solutions. BRT’s testing portfolio includes manual and tests automation solutions for conventional and next-generation technologies spanning various industry segments.

Global organizations are increasingly relying on BRT’s testing expertise to address multiple testing requirements in different domains.

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