Businesses, we are here to help you take the right path for Business Process Management – BPM Workflow & lifecycle

To be able to suggest a technology solution for the automation of your core business process, it is essential that your technology partner is as much aware of your business process as much as the technology. Talk about any of the leading IT-BPM solution products in the market, Pega, Appian, etc the products themselves guide and dictate the solution-building path along the core business process and your customer journey. The very terminologies these products use are business-oriented and not technology-oriented.

Then, here is a tip to the businesses; When your technology solutions and service provider gives you a team estimate consisting more of technologists and very few domain specialists, you need to be alarmed. The team composition has to have a very good mix of people that know the business process and then the ones that know the technology. It is the knowledge of these two groups that need to collaborate heavily to arrive at the technology solutions.

Today, go back to your project teams and ask them for a defect analysis of your current version of the technology solution; look for a number of defects raised to lack of process understanding versus pure technology coding errors/defects. This will give you a fair idea if the solution implementation is in the right direction.

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